Naughty Favorites

While these books may not be on sale, they’re favorites of ours, and we’d hate to not take this opportunity to share them.

My Fair Captain

J. L. Langley The accusation has been leveled against My Fair Captain that it’s simply a male version of a bodice ripper and, well, I can’t say it’s wrong. But something about this improbable, futuristic Regency culture, with its innocent boys and rakish Captains just does it for me. In a very big way.


Arizona Grey Super sweet and super hot, I fell in love with Justice. Even though I love Addie and Justice’s pairing, I can’t help but wonder if Grey wouldn’t let me steal him for a bit?

Kushiel’s Dart

Jacqueline Carey A massive book, with a huge fantasy world and tons of characters. But, it’s about a woman born, essentially, as the avatar of the goddess of Subs. It’s full of hot sex of every kind you can imagine. Including an oddly erotic scene where she gets a tattoo.