Meet the Naughty Girls


The trouble maker of the team. Lover of all things smutteriffic, especially MMF shifter crack. Cheap Naughty Reads was dreamed up in her dark mind. playing Playing the Game is intelligent, sexy, and if you can’t tell by the cover, yummy MMF. I love it for its non-cliche portrayal of BDSM and the sweet relationship that grows through the series.


Social media siren, she’s also an author and reader of M/M. Her other favorite genres are paranormal and fantasy. 81y9zsqL95L__SL1500_ It’s historical, paranormal, and has some hot M/M sex! How could I say no to that?! Even better that it’s a series!


The tech fairy. Loves ladies with agency and adores fantasy & sci-fi with all the sex. Sex all over the multiverse! countess While lighter on the sex than some books, I adore The Countess Conspiracy for its portrayal of women! Doing science! In the Victorian Era! And a male lead who respects the hell out of the female lead so hard, it almost keeps them from pursuing a real relationship.