What the bleep is this anyway?

We, the Naughty Girls, are big readers. We adore ebooks. And you know what? We love erotica. We read A LOT of erotica. And we love discount email lists! But the discount lists currently available tend to be low on the sexy, and almost non-existent on the kink. So what’s a girl to do?

Cheap Naughty Reads. All sexy. Lots of kink.

Right now, when you sign up for the discount list, you’ll be notified of every single new sale we have in our database. But we have plans. BIG plans.

What plans?

We hoped you’d ask! Each book in our database will be tagged with genre, elements, and kinks. Really into voyeurism but not threesomes? Love sci-fi, but not vampires? LGBT, but no hetero? We want to serve you up exactly what you want, so we’re developing the ability to mark the tags that are your interests AND the ones that are absolutely nots for you, so each email will be perfectly tailored to your specific interests, you kinky darling.

What does this mean for authors?

This means that you’ll be able to reach the exact audience who is dying for your book. And because our audience is looking for naughtiness, there’s no need to couch your terms in namby-pamby censor-avoiding words. As long as it’s not illegal, we won’t pull your book.

Sweet blindfolds and fuzzy hand cuffs, how do I sign up?


Just register above, and you’re in! You’ll start receiving emails with your naughty deals tomorrow morning.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a link in the top and bottom menu bars with “Submissions”. That same link is down at the bottom of this page. That’s your ticket. We only require that your book be naughty. (In a sexy erotic way, not necessarily a stealing from casinos and banks way, but that’s a bonus!)

A Naughty Favorite

Occasionally, we’ll feature a book that we just LOVE. This isn’t something you can buy. It will be completely at the discretion of the Naughty Girls. Beyond the normal information, we’ll share why we loved it so much. This will not be a review, more of a gushing, fan-girl moment. We do not take requests for these.

And how much does it cost?

To subscribe

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. (Say it again!) Well, that may not be entirely true. It will always be free to subscribe, but we can’t say the subscription won’t cost you anything. We fully expect that you will spend more than you intend on the books we send your way. (We’re that evil best friend who knows exactly how to drain your pocket book without taking a dime.)

To list your book

Today, you get the shiny new intro price of FREE! It won’t be that way forever, though. Right now, we’re building up our mailing list, finding the readers who want to find you. We will be charging for listings once we feel that we can offer MORE than enough bang for your buck to be worth it.

Your privacy matters to us!

We will never, ever, ever betray your privacy. We will not share any information you have given us without your express permission. Readers and authors alike. Your mom will never find out from us what you’re writing or reading in the dark of night, and neither will anyone else.